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Your safety is important to us - the wardrobe control in the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ


For security reasons, it is forbidden to take beverages, jackets and bags from a size of one DIN A4 sheet into the event rooms at public events. We have taken numerous measures to ensure that you feel good and safe at public events.

  • The cloakroom is free of charge at all events and is occupied before, during and after the event. Jackets and bags can be handed in here.
  • In addition to the hostesses, security forces will also be on duty in the future, explaining the regulations in detail to interested visitors and, if necessary, carrying out random pocket checks.
  • Our bars are open for thirsty culture lovers during the breaks.

Your smooth and safe enjoyment of public events in our house is our top priority.

In this respect, we attach particular importance to compliance with applicable regulations (venue ordinance and state building regulations). The aim of these is to guarantee you the highest possible level of security. In other words, we take all the necessary security measures.

What sounds so dry means for us to make sure, for example, that the fire load in our event rooms is kept to a minimum and that an immediate escape is possible in an emergency.

For you this means in some cases that you have to renounce some of your habits. So: no jackets and bags in the hall, no drinks in the hall during the event.

It is hard to imagine, but one should be well aware of an emergency scenario: for example, in the event of a fire, jackets over the backs of chairs are a considerable fire load and also barriers that hinder rapid escape. The same applies to large bags, which may well lie under the chairs during the event, but when things have to move quickly and rows of chairs have to be moved in a hurry, they pose a particularly high risk. Even bottles in the event room are not only annoying for artists and guests when they fall over, but also stumbling blocks that cause some torn ribbons.

We say THANK YOU for your understanding and wish you beautiful events in our BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ!