Frequent questions

Thank you for your interest in the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ. In order to provide you with a quick an easy overview of all matters relating to events, tickets, access and much more we compiled here the answers to the most important questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you in the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ soon!



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  • Can one buy or reserve tickets directly in the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ?

    Because we rent our rooms to different event organizers, we are not directly involved in selling tickets. The Tourist Information located in the Constance train station is the best place to start as they are responsible for the majority of events. Alternatively visit There you will also find other places involved in the selling of event tickets. 

  • Are there discounted tickets for school children, students, pensioners…?

    Ticket sales, seating and corresponding prices are determined by the individual event organizer and differ from event to event. For further information we suggest you get in contact with the organizer directly or visit Please enter here the date and name of the event you are interested in and search for „discounted tickets“.

  • Are there ticket sales on the door for shows, concerts, musicals and parties?

    This can differ from event to event: We give each event organizer the opportunity to sell tickets on the door. In our experience ticket sales on the door are opened usually one hour in advance of the event when there are still places. But this is in the hands of the event organizer. 

  • I have lost my ticket / bought one too many / can I get my money back for the ticket if I am ill or have to change my plans?

    Please get in touch directly with the event organizer. You will find their contact details on your ticket. 

At the location

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  • Is there wheel chair access to the event?

    The ticket sales and the prices and seating arrangements lie with the event organizer and can vary from event to event.  Information regarding the availability of wheel chair spaces can be obtained directly from the event organizer or e.g. under Enter the date and name of the event and search for contact information.

  • When does the event start? (Evening events such as shows, concerts and musicals)

    Usually the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ opens its doors to the foyer one hour before the beginning of the event. 30 minutes before the event starts the doors open to the Hall. These times can vary according to different events. You can find all the information on your ticket. Events with free seating may have different timings.

  • Are there are enough toilets?

    Yes. The BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ has plenty of toilets available including disabled toilets and nappy changing facilities. 

  • Can I eat and drink in the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ?

    The BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ has no public restaurants. For guests to events the public bar in the foyer is open one hour before the event and offers a range of drinks.

  • I lost something at an event.

    Please get in touch via email at In order to find your lost property as quickly as possible please include a full description and a photo if possible, as well as to which event and where it was lost together with your contact details.

  • Am I allowed to bring my dog to an event?

    The bringing of animals, in particular dogs, is not permitted, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind or disabled.

  • Do I have to check in my jacket or bag?

    Jackets and large bags or rucksacks must be checked in for security purposes.  As a rough guide anything that is larger than an A4 piece of paper must be checked in. These rules are in accordance with the local authority rules governing the safety of public gatherings with which we are obliged to comply and are for your own safety and for that of the other guests.
    Moreover, it is also a required measure to ensure that in case of fire the evacuation of the building can be carried out as swiftly as possible.
    That means for you that you have to forgo certain habits, i.e. Please leave your jackets and bags in the cloakroom and no drinks in the hall during the events. In case of fire jackets left hanging on the back of chairs can create a hindrance for others leaving the room, the same is true of large bags that can get in the way when the room has to be evacuated quickly.  Also bottles that fall over in the event rooms are not only an annoying distraction for the artistes and guests but can also become potential obstacles for people to trip over and cause injury.

  • May I take my drinks into the event?

    No, as glasses and bottle can present a security risk. Our bars are open before the event and during the breaks for you to enjoy a drink. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Arriving and parking

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  • Where are the parking spaces? Are there enough spaces?

    Opposite from the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ there are ample parking spaces clearly marked with „Parkplatz Bodenseeforum“. 

    The parking spaces adjacent to the building belong to the IHK and are not to be used. The terrace in front of the building must be kept free for access in case of fire! If you park here you run the risk of being towed away! A short stop for drop-off or pick-up is allowed in exceptions.

  • Where are the disabled parking spaces of the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ?

    The disabled parking spaces are located right in the entrance to the signposted „Parkplatz Bodenseeforum“.

  • How do I get to the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ with public transport?

    The buses number 13/4 or 4/13 from the Constance train station will bring you directly to the Bodenseeforum / IHK.

How can I book the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ for an event?

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  • I would like to rent the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ / Which days would be available?

    We are delighted that you are interested in the Bodenseeforum, please send us your enquiry by email to infonoSpam@bodenseeforum-konstanz.deincluding if possible the following information: 

    Name and contact information, company information. 
    Preferred date or time frame for the event 
    Is it a private or public event?  
    How many visitors or guests are expected to attend?
    How long is the event expected to last?
    What seating arrangements are being planned, e.g. seated rows, classroom, banquet / gala dinner?
    How many rooms do you require?
    Do you require catering? (This cannot be brought in externally)

  • What is the rental price?

    The BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ is a multi-functional building with a variety of event spaces at its disposal (11 different room variation on the ground floor and 6 different on the first) which means it has a broad range of set prices depending on their use (Concerts, corporate events, conferences).We would be delighted to present you with a quotation tailored to your requirements. 

    Please send us per email the date you require together with further details about your event as far as you know. 

    Here you can also get some more information about our modular room offerings.    

Site inspection

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  • I would like to visit the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ for a site inspection, when may I come?

    Please understand that we strongly advise you to make an appointment before visiting the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ for a site inspection as we often have events running that may inhibit us being able to show you our building in its extent.  Please send us an email with your preferred dates to visit to and if possible detailed event information to