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Data Protection

Internet-Data Protection Guidelines

The BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ Municipality of the City of Constance takes the protection of your personal data very seriously.  We process any personal data that comes into our contact via the website only in accordance with the current data protection laws. Your data will not be published by us nor will it be passed on to unauthorized third parties. In the following we shall clarify what data may be gathered as a result of a visit to our website and how exactly this may be used: Data collection and processing resulting from the visit to our website and the passing on of personal data for the purpose of newsletter subscriptions and press releases, guest books and forums, orders, security, cookies, links to other websites or other providers, right to information and contact data acceptance, validity and up-to-datedness of the data protection explanation.


Data collection and processing via internet access 

If you visit our website our webserver will temporarily save the data in a protocol data bank. The following data is saved until it is automatically deleted:  
IP-Address of the source computer 
Date and time of the visit 
Name and URL of the saved data 
Data volume transmitted 
Confirmation as to whether connection was made 
Identification of the browser and operation system used 
Name of your internet provider 

The processing of the above data serves to enhance and monitor the connectivity of the website (successful connections), the systems security, the technical administration of the network infra -structure as well as the optimization of the internet offers. The IP-Address remains within the network infra-structure of the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ Municipality of the City of Constance. 

The Telemediengesetz (TMG – broadcasting - media laws) permits according to §15 para 3 TMG the use of a user profile under a pseudonym, as long as the user has no objection.  Should we find it necessary to use your profile in such a way you will be informed first giving you an option to refuse.
Apart from the case mentioned above your personal data will not be processed in any way unless you have given your prior consent.



Use and Disclosure of personal data

Any kind of processing of your personal data is only undertaken to fulfil a set purpose and is done to the minimum extent required to achieve this.  Disclosure of personal data to institutions and authorities will only occur within the scope of mandatory disclosure necessary in line with national legal requirements or the disclosure of such data should be necessary in order to take legal action in cases of fraudulent access to our network. In no other cases will data be disclosed to third parties.


Consent to use data in other contexts

To benefit from particular offers published on our website e.g. Newsletter, Forums or registration to events, it is first necessary to register on-line requiring personal data such as email address, user name and password which then may be further processed and saved. The processing of such data will only occur when you have given your consent to do so.


Newsletter and Press Releases

In order to receive the Newsletter of the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ Municipality of the City of Constance we require at the least a valid email address to where the Newsletter should be sent.  Further information is voluntarily provided and will only be used to address you personally and to solve any queries arising per email.  In order to contact you per mail we would need a valid postal address. In order to receive press releases we would need to know which organization you represent so that we can ensure you receive only relevant releases.

As a rule for the distribution of the Newsletter we employ the double opt-in system.  That means you will only receive the newsletter after confirming your registration by clicking on a link sent to the email address you provided. In this way we can be sure that you are indeed the user of the provided email address.  The confirmation must take place within a short time period, if this does not happen then the email address will be automatically deleted. Until you have confirmed acceptance of receiving the Newsletter via your given email address, no further registration is possible under said email address.

You can cancel your subscription to the Newsletter at any time.  You need only to either send us an email or click on the link found at the end of the Newsletter to unsubscribe.



If you have requested information material, we will process the given data only as far as is necessary to fulfil your requirements.  No data is passed on to third parties. Only with your explicit consent will your data be further processed or passed on to third parties.   



The BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ Municipality of the City of Constance employs a system incorporated in the website to provide analytics. Visits to the website are recorded to assist marketing decisions and to optimize design. A user profile is created for this data using a pseudonym. Cookies may also be employed here. By Cookies we mean small packets of text data that are stored locally in the interim memory of your browser. Cookies permit subsequent recognition of the dedicated internet browser.  The data created will not be used to personally identify the visitor to the website nor be used to encrypt the personal data stored as a pseudonym unless we have recieved explicit permission to the contrary. The interim data created and saved can be withdrawn at any time. To have your data withdrawn please send an email request to:



The Bodensee Forum Constance Municipality of the City of Constance maintains a high level of due diligence to ensure that any personal data we have from you is protected from accidental or deliberate manipulation, lost, damage or access from unauthorized parties. Our security measures are kept constantly up to date.


Generally speaking our website does not employ Cookies. Occasionally and exceptionally Cookies are employed to capture data in regard to technical session control in the memory of your browser. This data is automatically deleted upon the closing of your browser.

You will be advised in advance should the need arise to save personal data via Cookies, e.g. a user name. 

Of course, you can take full advantage of our website without the use of Cookies. However, most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can block the saving of cookies by changing the settings in your browser. By not accepting cookies, however, some features of the website will be lost. 


Links to third party web sites

Our web sites may contain links to third party websites.  We would like to make clear that these data protection guidelines are only pertinent for the website of the BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ Municipality of the City of Constance and for websites that explicitly refer to these data protection guidelines. Neither do we exercise influence on, nor do we examine the data protection guidelines of third party linked websites.



Provision of Information and Contact Details

Should you get into contact with us per email, we would like to advise you that the content of un-encrypted emails may be seen by third parties.  We advise you therefore in the case of confidential or sensitive information to use encrypted emails or post. 

You have every right to receive information about any saved personal data we may have and further the right to have access to delete or block any incorrect data.

If you would like to receive information about personal data being held, their accuracy or need to be deleted or in case of  any further questions with regard to the use of the personal data held please get in touch in the first instance with: 

Person Responsible for Data Protection

Managing Director: Jochen A. Lohmar
Reichenaustrasse 21
78467 Konstanz

Tel. +49 (0)7531- 127280
Fax +49 (0) 7531- 12728-13


Inclusion, validity and correctness of the Data Protection Guidelines

By using our website you are consenting to the terms of engagement outlined in the above described data protection guidelines. The guidelines are current and date from the 2nd January 2009.

Through the further development of our website or through the implementation of new technology it may become necessary to amend or extend these data protection guidelines.   Bodensee Forum Constance Municipality of the City of Constance reserves the right to amend or extend the data protection guidelines to maintain their effectiveness.  We recommend you to read the current version from time to time.